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Successful businesses are the result of successful projects.

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Planning for the Best

Being a project manager means juggling people and doing the admin. This is often challenging with limited access to stakeholders. We help you create structures that ensure success.

I will work with you to create clear messages that improve your project outcomes. Come to one of my lunchtime Master Classes for a taster session.

Project Management (PM)

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Benefit from the wisdom of others by joining one of our classroom sessions. We focus on the soft skills you need to set your projects up for success. In these classes you can expect to try out your new skills as this helps the learning stick. For new attendees there is also a free 30 minute follow up session to reinforce your knowledge.

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Being a Project Manager

Did you dream of being a project manager when you were in school? Neither did I. There were no job descriptions for this role in the work experience list.

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